Family of Logistics – Now a Registered and Protected Trademark

Finsterwalder is well-known for its performance in transport and logistics.

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In 2021, Finsterwalder ranked 15th (in the transport and logistics segment) in the list of Germany's 650 best employers.

But success always follows hard work. Successful developments are preceded by certain processes, and brand protection plays an important role.

By registering the trademark “Family of Logistics” we want make sure that the trademark will only be used in connection with Finsterwalder company content. Effective 18/06/2021, we have received our REGISTRATION CERTIFICATE from the OFFICE OF THE EUROPEAN UNION FOR INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY and thus the protection of our trademark “Family of Logistics”.

Registered trademarks carry the ®-mark after the name.

Finsterwalder – Family of Logistics®: Your quality service provider since 1937

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