The smart combination of rail and road, even without a siding of your own

Railports are multifunctional logistics centers which provide a wide range of logistics services in addition to rail / road transshipment, warehousing and pre- and on-carriage by truck tailored to each customer’s needs. Owing to their flexible infrastructure, Railports are ideal for handling bulk goods of all kinds, whether packed or loose, solid or pourable, palleted or in containers. The right transshipment equipment is available on site to handle them all, from forklifts through conveyor belts and excavators to gantry cranes with a variety of lifting tackle. Railports connect the European rail network to regional road infrastructure. The latter is simply needed to close the “last mile” gap during delivery and collection. Railports thus serve as the basis for intermodal, rail-focused logistics concepts in Europe – and for getting trucks off the road and onto rail.

Benefits for our customers

The Railport concept combines the benefits of rail, truck and regional warehouses: just-in-sequence loading directly onto the wagon without a shipping warehouse 365 days a year together with punctual delivery within a tight time schedule, efficient and steady supplies to the Railport in large quantities as well as just-in-time, on-demand supplies to the recipient, transparency and control throughout the transport chain and the ability to concentrate on your own core competencies as a result of outsourcing and the reduced complexity.

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