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SAXONY branch

Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH
Mannesmannstraße 4
D-01619 Zeithain

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KEMPTEN branch

Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH
Gruber Logistik
Gewerbepark 17
D-87477 Sulzberg near Kempten

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Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH
Businesspark A96 (Silvastraße)
D-86842 Türkheim
+49 (0) 8245 9680-0

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HALLE branch

Finsterwalder Transport und Logistik GmbH
Grenzstraße 11
D-06112 Halle
+49 (0) 345 1228-0

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Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik GmbH
Wiesmannstrasse 56
Tore/Gates 21-30
D-45881 Gelsenkirchen
+49 (0) 209 97736-40

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VENLO branch

Finsterwalder Transport & Logistiek
Olivier van Noortweg 7
NL-5993 SL Venlo/Maasbree
+31 (0) 77 3879-999

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TARTU branch

Finsterwalder Transport & Logistik
Tähe 116
EE-51013 Tartu
+372 (0) 7314-400

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Logfillment GmbH & Co. KG
Inter-Logistik-Park 1-3
D- 87600 Kaufbeuren
+49 (0) 8341 96670-0

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