Tailored to your needs

We have storage space available at our branches in Southern and Central Germany as well as in the Ruhr District, plus other storage facilities throughout Germany totaling around:

  • 410,000 square meters of indoor warehousing
  • 110,000 square meters of outdoor yards

These spaces are at your disposal as part of a holistic logistics concept or flexibly tailored to your needs. Our handling experience extends from light and heavy cargo through hazardous materials to sensitive goods like household appliances or foodstuffs. 

Our warehousing services

If projects exceed your resources, we’re there to assist with complete flexibility. We expand your capacities by offering storage space, equipment and personnel – all precisely adapted to your requirements. 

This is what we can do to help you through your peak periods: 

  • Flexible storage space with a variety of equipment
  • Industrial trucks with a load capacity of up to 9 tons including various accessories
  • Qualified, flexible personnel to manage project warehousing
  • Powerful warehousing software for precise inventory management
  • Reliable transportation logistics with punctual freight loading

We look forward to each new challenge – no matter how short-term, complex or extensive the support you’re seeking. 

Check out our range of services connected to project logistics.

Sometimes the weight, size or sensitivity of certain cargo is simply not standard, so that special logistics and storage space are a must. With our extensive experience and ideal equipment, we can store and load your heavy cargo without any problem. 

We have ample space at our disposal to provide the following services: 

  • Girder-free floor space with suitable heavy-duty flooring
  • Overhead cranes with a load capacity of up to 20 tons of lifting power and a 10 m hook height
  • Siding directly in the warehouse
  • Industrial trucks with a load capacity of up to 9 tons including various accessories
  • Trained personnel for loading and securing heavy goods 

Space, equipment and experience – our ideal mix for handling heavy machinery, pumps, trams and even complete locomotives. 

Put us to the test! We’re happy to solve even the most weighty tasks.

Hygiene takes first priority when it comes to food handling. Our qualified staff, clean processes and ideal equipment meet all relevant criteria for consumer protection. 

We offer: 

  • DIN EN ISO 2200:2005 HACCP certification
  • Warehouses with splinter protected fluorescent tubes
  • Regular pest monitoring with professional record keeping 

From traditional stockkeeping through samples of goods received to temperature controlled transportation – the services we offer fulfill the highest standards of quality. 

Trust us with your foodstuffs – we’ll handle them with the greatest of care. Feel free to contact us.

Explosive, flammable or toxic – we transport and store hazardous materials of all kinds professionally and with special care. Our dangerous goods safety advisors have many years of experience and are just as familiar with regulations for the storage and transportation of hazardous goods as they are with the German Federal Immission Control Act. 

To ensure safe handling of hazardous goods, we offer: 

  • Collection of the goods from the production site
  • Shuttle service to and from the storage site
  • Loading and unloading for transportation by rail
  • Goods receipt and storage with barcode scanning
  • Customer-specific inventory management
  • Picking, provisioning, loading
  • Preparation of shipping documents
  • Industrial trucks with various systems (e.g. drum grippers) 

Our vehicles and drivers are equipped according to the provisions of the European ADR. Our transportation services are reliably executed in accordance with the GGVSE (German regulation concerning the transportation of dangerous goods by road and rail). Our storage spaces for hazardous materials have a hotline to the fire department and security firms via state-of-the-art fire and burglary alarm systems. 

Better safe than sorry. We’d be happy to show you how we put safety into practice. Feel free to contact us.

Besides traditional delivery dependability, the logistics quality requirements for white goods include maximum care in the event of rapid stock turnover. It is paramount for household appliances and their packaging to arrive at the end customer in perfect condition. 

Our trained staff make quick, damage-free deliveries in compliance with certified processes. This is what we offer you: 

  • Industrial trucks specially equipped for gentle transportation
  • Maximum flexibility as regard inventory management thanks to our personal fleet of vehicles
  • Warehousing capacity for 60,000 household appliances minimum (depending on the size)

Appliances in perfect condition mean satisfied customers. The high quality of our logistics processes ensures that nothing goes wrong.

We’re fast. We’re reliable. Feel free to contact us.

As a partner for clients in the printing and paper industry, we have industry-specific infrastructure and equipment at our disposal. From the collection of the goods from the production site through inventory management to just-in-time delivery, we’ve got paper covered. 

This is what we have to offer in terms of paper logistics:

  • Collection of the goods from the production site with a shuttle service to and from the storage site
  • Covered loading and unloading of paper web shipments
  • Storage with barcode scanning on request
  • Interim storage of overseas containers 
  • Picking, provisioning and loading, including shipping documents
  • Industrial trucks with various roll clamp systems
  • Jolada-equipped personal fleet for transportation all across Europe
  • Data communication via customized interfaces or standards such as EDIFACT, papiNET etc.

Paper has been around for some 2000 years – Finsterwalder since 1937. These many years of experience make us the right people to care for your paper needs.

Be it for cross-docking, consignment or stock, we offer quality storage space at varying prices. 

All our branches offer: 

  • Block storage 
  • High bay racking 
  • Outdoor yards 

We keep you informed with transparent, retrievable data from our inventory management software system. By means of an interface, you’ll have access to a real-time flow of information directly into your in-house system, without media disruptions. 

We’d be happy to customize our storage options to fit your specific needs. Feel free to contact us.

The experts in warehousing

With our highly trained staff and ideal equipment, we can provide you the professional warehousing you’re seeking:

  • Block storage and high bay racking
  • Advanced storage technology
  • Inventory management to fit your needs, including a barcode system

We carry out transportation and intermodal transshipment using, among others:

  • Our personal fleet and reliable transportation partners
  • Three terminals in Halle with a siding, a 4 km rail network and our own shunting locomotives 

Check out our infrastructure and our services. We’re committed to helping you. Feel free to contact us.

Our warehousing services are available in:

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