Public information pursuant

Public information pursuant to Sec. 8a and Sec. 11 of the 12. BlmSchV

We operate a storage of dangerous materials in storage building 02 and 03 of the logistics center at the Halle East location, Grenzstrasse 11 in 06112 Halle (Saale). In the separated by open ground storage areas 02a, 02b and 03 liquid and solid materials or mixtures of materials as well as aerosol dispensers are stored.

According to Annex I of the twelfth Ordinance for the execution of the Federal Immission Control Act (12. BlmSchV) the stored materials are to be rated in part as acute toxic, as flammable liquids, as oxidizing solid materials or as water pollutants. As the stored quantities exceed the quantity thresholds of column 5 of the 12. BlmSchV, the location is considered a “Betriebsbereich der oberen Klasse” (operational area of the upper category).

With a notification pursuant to Sec. 7 para. 1 of the 12. BlmSchV the responsible authority, the regional government authority of Saxony-Anhalt, was notified that the operational area is subject to the rules of this ordinance. A safety report pursuant to Sec. 9 para. 1 was presented to the authority.

The materials are stored in an exclusively passive way, in high rack storage areas in licensed, closed packaging. Bottling or decanting of the storage goods from their original packaging is not taking place. Transport within the premises is being done with electric forklifts, accompanied ground conveyers with platform (so called “ants”) and hand lift trucks.

We work according to a certified safety management system.

Our first concern here is to avoid damage to man and environment through a safe method of operations. That’s why we took all substantial safety measures, which are set out in writing and known to the responsible authority. The developed alarm and hazard prevention plan is coordinated with the responsible authority as well as with the surrounding fire departments.

Regular emergency drills in coordination with the fire department and other rescue teams are a basic part of our precaution for realizing preventative fire protection and the operative hazard prevention.
In case that despite all preventative safety measures hazardous materials are set free uncontrolled, it is made sure that we immediately and fully comply with our information duty and, thus, exclude or limit hazardous impact on the neighborhood.

The warning for the population will be done according to situation through sirens or through the local rescuers (by loudspeaker warnings if applicable).

The police’s and fire department’s instructions must be followed. Basic information and action recommendations in incidents in your surrounding are given in a separate leaflet.

The monitoring system that was set up by the authorities ensures that by on-site-inspections, MIL complies with all necessary safety measures.

Corresponding information and references on on-site-inspections or on the monitoring plan may be required at the regional government authority Halle. (

If you may require further information about our operation method or about our emergency prevention, please contact Sven Köcke at sven.koecke(at)

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