Regional Association Honours Best Apprentices

The Landesverband des Verkehrsgewerbes Sachsen-Anhalt (Transport Association LVSA) has awarded the best graduates of the current exam year in the logistics sector.

LVSA President Jens-Uwe Jahnke and Wolf-Peter Peter, Managing Director of Finsterwalder Transport und Logistik, congratulated the graduates at the ceremony.

Präsident Jahnke said: „Logistics specialist, professional truck driver and warehouse logistics specialist are highly sought-after professions. Today, we are happy to reward the best trainees in our industry for their graduation achievements.”

For the first time, the award was also presented to a female apprentice: Ms. Sarah-Maureen Großmann achieved 82 points on her final exam. She received training at Finsterwalder Transport und Logistik GmbH in Halle/Saale.
Managing director Mr. Wolf-Peter Peter and the division manager Mr. Sören Scharf had already congratulated her during the festivities in Dessau.

Other awards went to Mr. Lukas Freund with 82 points as a qualified professional truck driver and Mr. Tom Harz with 81 points as a qualified warehouse logistics specialist.
Congratulations! We wish you a great start in your professional life. All apprentices now have full employment with Finsterwalder.
(Photo LVSA SAH)

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