Increasing Efficiency with Fulfilment

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From the customer's point of view, e-commerce is simple, quick and practical. However, the processes from ordering to shipping are actually quite complex and require a suitable infrastructure. Many e-commerce operators and start-ups underestimate the effort involved in the logistics caused by sales of their products.

After the inspection - and sometimes required repackaging - of your goods, follows correct and safe storage, then picking and packaging as well as dispatch and return processing. Online shop operators often lose a lot of their time executing and planning logistics processes instead of being able to concentrate on their core business. This is because logistics can be very time-consuming if the right infrastructure is lacking.

Customers nowadays are used to receiving their parcel a few days — or even hours — after placing their order in an online shop. They also expect professional packaging and smooth returns processes. Customers will often bail out if delivery takes too long. Smooth and fast delivery, on the other hand, can turn new customers into repeat customers.

For both small and larger e-commerce companies, outsourcing warehousing and order processing — Fulfilment for short — is a sensible and valuable step. Commissioning a specialised fulfilment service provider is not just a lifesaver for e-commerce operators. Offline companies that sell their goods in wholesale or foreign trade can benefit as much as online shops. Fulfilment service providers store your goods and take care of your customer orders from order receipt to dispatch and returns processing.

By outsourcing the logistical processes, shop operators give themselves much more time to concentrate on marketing and sales. Plus, commissioning a fulfilment provider is worthwhile from a financial point of view. It can save on personnel costs and rents for warehouses and rooms. Many fulfilment service providers have wholesale contracts with parcel service providers such as DPD. The low shipping costs are additional savings.

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