Finsterwalder with pratical help at the catastrophe 2013

Due to the recent flood in June 2013, there has been massive flooding of the town of Halle / Saale. Numerous roads and residential areas were under water and destroyed.

The company Finsterwalder has permanently supported the rescue teams in disaster area in Halle / Saale.
Among other things, employees were provided who supported the filling of sandbags. Also various material handling equipment (forklifts, pallet trucks, etc.) was made available in order to fasten up the work of THW, army and fire department at the sandbag stations
Following a call for help from the district capital, Finsterwalder provided several 40-ton trucks including drivers to transport thousands of filled sandbags to Magdeburg. In order to protect a major power plant which was threatened with destructions caused by the flood, the sandbags were transported within a convoy of other helpers to Magdeburg.
We would like to thank all our employees, who have provided assistance through their selfless dedication and their support in working at the fire department, THW, army, Red Cross etc.

Thank you very much.

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