Finsterwalder donates to the "Klassenzimmer Alpen" (Classroom Alps)

In January 2023 Finsterwalder donates to the "Klassenzimmer Alpen" (Classroom Alps). For over 100 years, the Landesbund für Vogelschutz in Bayern e. V. (state association for bird protection) has been committed to the diversity of native flora and fauna, their habitats and thus also our livelihood. Environmental education in the sense of education for sustainable development also plays an important role. The core of the classroom alps form 350 honorary circle and local groups, in which approximately 4,000 humans in Bavaria honorary engage themselves for the nature protection. Klaus Finsterwalder attaches great importance to preserving the local natural environment and raising awareness of this issue among the next generation, which is why Finsterwalder is donating €5,000. 

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