Finsterwalder helps with the disaster 2021

Whether in the areas hard hit by the crisis or following natural disasters – people often find themselves through no fault of their own in situations where they are dependent on help.

Flooding, collapsed houses, missing and dead persons: in July 2021 severe weather left widespread devastation behind in the western part of Germany.

In the days following the floods, relief organisations arranged emergency shelter, supported the search for missing persons, and provided medical assistance. And this help continues. The organisations are helping with cleanup operations and reconstruction. In addition, they also provide support for traumatised persons and ensure that safe drinking water is available.

The Finsterwalder Group, with numerous large donations totalling more than 30,000 Euros, immediately supported the efforts of these organisations.

In this way, we contributed within a very short time to the functioning, stuctured on-site aid and could offer our assistance for the persons in need of help.

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