Finsterwalder Donates € 13,000 towards First Responder Vehicle in Türkheim

For the Türkheim Fire Brigade, a new chapter began at the turn of the year with their Emergency Service as part of a First Responder Unit, in close cooperation with the Bavarian Red Cross (BRK) Unterallgäu.

In a medical emergency, seconds matter. But an ambulance usually takes a few minutes to arrive at the scene. The First Responder in Türkheim was established to initiate lifesaving first responses in this initial time span until the arrival of the ambulance.

From now on, “Rettung Türkheim 79/1″ will support the rescue chain in the Türkheim community in Unterallgäu. The vehicle will be manned by two medically trained staff on weekends and public holidays and is alerted by the Donau-Iller Integrated Control Centre if necessary. Because of the proximity, first aid measures can be initiated for the patient within a couple of minutes. This significantly increases the chance of survival.

The municipality of Türkheim has covered the costs of the equipment for the volunteers.

Finsterwalder donated €13,000 for the vehicle, a BMW X3, as well as its conversion and equipment.

After intense medical training, the volunteers at the Türkheim fire brigade station are now capable of providing first responder service.

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