Finsterwalder and Packwise

During a joint workshop with a team from Packwise GmbH, Finsterwalder was informed about the new Packwise Smart Cap device, which opens up completely new possibilities for companies in the chemical and food industry in logistics planning and supply chain management of their products filled in Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC).

Finsterwalder and Packwise

Logistics is considered an interface discipline that fulfils not only cross-company but also cross-industry tasks. All industries depend on successful supply chain management. Due to the advancing digitalization and the increasing demands of companies, the processes involved in the intelligent planning and control of value chains are becoming more and more complex. This makes it even more important that providers of IoT innovations, which are designed to optimize logistics, pay attention to user-friendly and simple handling.

The Dresden-based start-up was keen to make the integration of the necessary hardware and software as simple as possible. Thus, the Smart Cap does not have to be laboriously mounted on the IBC; it is simply stuck on and can be used immediately and worldwide. The associated software, Packwise Flow, is easy to integrate into existing systems and is designed to be very user-friendly. The highly precise real-time data on location, fill level, movement and temperature collected by the Packwise Smart Cap are transmitted to this platform. The result is a digital twin of the packaging. The web application visualises and automates processes for various applications in the supply chain and provides information on parameter deviations and the corresponding need for action.

The intelligent asset tracking of the Packwise Smart Cap constantly provides an overview of where and in what condition the IBCs are. This transparency leads to shorter container turnaround times and thus to more efficient route planning and optimised transport routes. Companies can reduce their container fleets and minimise their CO2 footprint, while at the same time increasing their container utilisation.


Would you also like to benefit from smart supply chain management?

Finsterwalder and Packwise will be happy to develop a solution together with you!

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