Eurotrailer: Demonstrable Reduction of Truck Journeys

Finsterwalder is going one better in March 2021.

Finsterwalder is going one better in March 2021: Another 10 Eurotrailers will be added to those already in service. This makes Finsterwalder one of the largest operators of the “Extended semi-trailer" (long truck type 1) in Germany. With this trailer, up to 9.5% more cargo can be transported in one journey, eliminating every tenth journey.

Finsterwalder has been using these vehicles since 2014 – so, at a very early stage in the “Long Truck Field Trial” - and has demonstrably been able to eliminate hundreds of truck journeys in shuttle operation.

Would you, too, like to use smart logistics solutions from Finsterwalder? Then contact us, we are here for you!

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