Emergency exercise – each move must be spot on.

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24.02.2024, 09:31 a.m.: The emergency control center Halle receives an emergency call from Finsterwalder Transport und Logistik GmbH at Grenzstr. 11 and triggers a large-scale operation. 

Two employees have been found unconscious in an accident in the hazardous materials warehouse. 

The emergency chain is activated within minutes and by 09:39 a.m. the Halle fire department is ready for action on our company premises with 6 vehicles, a hazardous goods train and 28 firefighters.

The emergency services involved now realize that this is another emergency response exercise. The common goal is to test the emergency procedures in the hazardous materials warehouse in practice and to deepen the local knowledge of the emergency services. 

The rescue of the two injured employees contaminated with hazardous substances and the recovery and decanting of a damaged IBC were successfully completed. 

At the same time, our employees were able to practice emergency procedures and exchange important knowledge on hazard prevention between all those involved.

The successful exercise was completed at 12:30 pm. Over a portion of pea stew with bockwurst and hot drinks, the experience gained was reflected upon and evaluated.  

We would like to thank the Halle professional fire department, Mr. Peibst, head of the security department and the 28 participating comrades for the cooperative collaboration and insightful exercise! 

We look forward to the next exercise!

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