5 teams from Finsterwalder take part at the Staffel-Mix-Marathon in Marktoberdorf

On June 30, 2013 the Staffel-Mix-Marathon in Marktoberdorf took place for the 6th time. On this event three different courses have to be accomplished – 12 km skating, 20 km biking and 10 km running.

15 colleagues of Finsterwalder met on Sunday morning with their aim to have fun together and cope with the challenge. From a trainee to long term employees every kind of staff took part and made this event really exciting. Actually three brave female colleagues completed our three mixed teams.
The race started at 11.00 am when the skaters – Sonja Lippmann, Christoph Nestler, Heinz Geppert, Waldemar Kurilo, Thomas Betz - were sent en route and reached the bikers – Christophe Biard, Peter Kolesar, Markus Freudenmann, Vaclav Soukup, Mateusz Szewczyk – very fast and in good condition. Some of them took the bumpy 20 km on their Mountainbikes and handed the stick over to the runners – Sarah Aschner, Cristina Gonzalez, Robert Hörger, Almir Ahmetovic, Adrian Hoffmann – who ran like the wind for good results. The immense team spirit was shown by the loud cheering of colleagues who already finished their course. After the race all participants celebrated their success with a tasty drink!
The conclusion of every athlete was: “This has to be repeated, it was great fun!”

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